Hofeditz Service Plus is our promise to you that we will implement, secure and ensure your quality demands over the long term.

Service Plus is also our own claim for our services for you. We depend on the continuing education of our employees to increase and ensure quality. Only in this way can we remain faster, more communicative and more competent and, in so doing, supply real solutions. We work for this with enthusiasm and out of conviction.


Service Plus means that you, as the customer, are the most important person in our company.

Your goals, requirements and wishes are the meaning and purpose of our work. Quality is the maxim for everyone on our staff. We actively include our staff in the continuous improvement and assurance of processes. We are confident that long-term sustainability, care, quality and the development of trust are the basis for competitiveness and success.


It is our continuous commitment to create solutions where solutions are currently needed.

And to do this we are as spontaneous and flexible as necessary and with planning as reliable as possible. Above all, we are always available for our customers when it matters.

We create and provide solutions. If it is worth to do something, it´s worth to do it well.