High-pressure cleaning

Cleaning of stubborn soiling on floors, facades defaced with graffiti, entryways to public buildings or parking garage ramps is a challenge. Even the removal of chewing gum remnants when cleaning sidewalks and pavement is a difficult cleaning job.

With our mobile, high-pressure blasting unit, which works with pressures up to 500 bar, we can help. We can remove even the most stubborn dirt from surfaces and ensure cleanliness.

Generally, this is purely a mechanical process and doesn’t require the use of chemical cleaning agents. This means the method is environmentally safe and is powerfully effective, as demonstrated by many case studies in Kassel, all of Hessen and beyond.

In summary: the scope of this service stretches from cleaning work in the community (removal of graffiti or chewing gum) to cleaning parking garage ramps or highly soiled industrial flooring.

With our experience and tested equipment, we are the right contact partner for special cleaning jobs.