Surface treatment

The surface treatment of workpieces made of aluminium and aluminium cast parts by blasting with steel granules is, for good reason, a valued and proven procedure. In the production process this saves time and costs while providing the best results.

Hofeditz Industriedienstleistungen GmbH offers state-of-the-art solutions in mechanical surface treatment with blasting and all of the correspondingly required preparation and post blasting processes. Application-relevant and efficient, inexpensive solutions are our strength, and we use this to give our customers with the highest degree of quality and economic efficiency. This is supported with our constantly growing pool of machines. Currently, modern hanger-type blast machines ensure secure and powerful operation.

The blasting material (steel granule) is fed centrally with quickly rotating turbines. The centrifugal force on the blasting material directs the blasting agent onto the workpieces at speeds of up to 100 m/s. Blade shape, discharge point and the speed of the turbines, together with the blasting material, change the surface of the workpieces. This makes it possible to meet exactly the very precise requirements for surface finishing of aluminium parts, motor components, gear housings as well as moulded or cast parts.

With our own pool of trucks we are also able to meet logistic challenges in connection with the completion of your orders – just-in-time and all-included. Based on our flexibility and experience in the construction of part carriers, various workpiece sizes are possible.

Just show us your parts and we will provide you with an individual offer.

    Basic technical data:
  • Aluminium components
  • Blasting agent used: steel granule
  • Largest dimensions: diameter 1,500 mm; height 1,800 mm; weight up to 1,000 kg