Industrial cleaning

Clean, orderly and safe are not only ideals, but a measurable added-value for every production environment. In fact, professional cleaning services ensure a high degree of system availability, low and controlled maintenance costs and an increase in occupational safety.

At the same time, external circumstances such as cost pressures, high quality and production requirements require the most “silent” possible and conscientious performance of the important service topics of cleaning and upkeep.

We at Hofeditz Industriedienstleistungen GmbH are your specialist in this area. We help you to set the requirements that are important for you and ensure professional industrial cleaning. This makes us the right partner for the creation of comprehensive clean-factory concepts.

In close technical cooperation with all parties involved in the process (responsible for production, system manufacturers, cleaning solution producers or industrial flooring companies), we develop and ensure above-average levels of cleanliness. This concerns more than just appearance, but to a greater degree the best possible conservation of the systems, surfaces and operating resources to be cleaned.

Because our customers rely on our services, we only work with a permanent set of staff. Our cleaning teams only work under the direction of experienced specialists who, at the same time, are their on-site contact partners.

On the basis of our experience and specialisation in industrial cleaning, we provide optimal cleaning results for

  • Scheduled cleaning of production areas (such as cleaning industrial flooring or cleaning of machine environments)
  • Machine cleaning in connection with regularly scheduled maintenance (such as cleaning of welding machines, blasting machines, processing centres or wash centres or section containers)
  • Complex system cleaning in the scope of measures for total preventative maintenance.

You probably have individual queries or specific questions for us. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your inquiry.

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Measuring and testing

Hofeditz is your partner for filling measurement or testing orders.

Whether you need on-line testing or batch-by-batch test orders for quality deficiencies determined post-production – we are your specialist for the most diverse, non-destructive measurement and test methods, such as

  • Leakage test of aluminium workpieces
  • Eddy current test method to detect tears or structural issues
  • Computer tomography to detect defects in cast parts or for dimensional measurements
  • Visual and mechanical component tests

Especially for time-sensitive test orders, even in combination with finishing work, we are flexible and at your side with the right solution.

Deburring work

A safe and powerful production chain that always places the highest demands on quality requires reliable and strong partners. And although it might be surprising in consideration of the technology available today - even the most modern casting systems still require manual deburring and visual checks of components and raw cast parts.

Hofeditz Industriedienstleistungen GmbH has specialised in these requirements for years. By offering the most modern workplaces, continuous staff training and an extremely high attention to detail, we ensure exactly the level of process security that our customers rely on. We can always ensure that your follow up requirements will be met dependably.

We rely on a permanent regular staff. We perform the stipulated work and checks on your workpieces based on experience and with meticulous care. Our staff is the key to our success and adheres closely to our zero-error objectives, supported by permanent quality assurance and process monitoring.

Further down the production chain, the high level of logistic competency in our company stands for the highest degree of delivery reliability and thus for your concrete added value. We pick up, deliver or ship entirely according to your wishes and requirements.

The selection of the right partner for quality-relevant production steps is of decisive importance. We know that. That is why we would be pleased to meet you personally and have you get to know us on site.

Filling & laser welding

Hofeditz is your partner for performing finishing activities or finishing work on motor and chassis components such as motor blocks or cylinder heads.

We offer exclusive expertise in the processing of aluminium cast parts. Here we provide a tested and certified innovation with which you can also still benefit after work is done: after all, Hofeditz Service Plus laser welding and filling provides you with the complete restoration of pipe parts or aluminium cast parts with pipe sections.

Our special core competency in filling-pipe parts is a fundamental basis of our service and maintenance package. Our service-plus factor is our own developed and tested laser welding procedure with which we are also able to perform surface repairs on critical component surfaces (such as cylinder head outlet sides) of the highest quality and that stand up to any inspection.

The testing, repair, check for sealing and quality assurance of pipe parts is a precise and essential requirement. We would be pleased to work with you to determine which repair procedure is most suitable and prepare an offer for a custom-tailored solution.