The company

Hofeditz Industry Service GmbH, with over 100 employees, is a qualified service provider for

  • Industrial Customers
  • Mid-Sized Companies and Trades as well as
  • Municipalities and Public Entities

 and was founded 1984 by Uwe Hofeditz.

As of 1 March 2015, the company was taken over by the TRE Thüringen Recycling Erfurt-Group. Since then it has supplemented the group portfolio with its high-quality range of services. The modern and efficient company offers complete solutions in the areas of:

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • High-pressure cleaning, Dry-Ice-Blasting and Laser Cleaning
  • Deburring and Blasting of Cast and Metal Components
  • Filling and Laser Welding of Alloy Components
  • Measuring and Fault Analysis
  • Logistics and parts handling

The Hofeditz team focusses on the fulfilment of customer requirements and expectations. In spite of constant growth, it is still particularly important to our director Lars Kossack that the customer contact is personal as well as professional.

  • Reliability
  • Quality and
  • Economic Efficacy

are the guidelines that the Hofeditz Industry Service has been following for over 25 years. This also applies for the future. Thus it only made sense in 1999 to introduce a quality management system (QMS) according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for the continuous improvement of services performed and to further develop this in the following years.

To meet the requirements of our automotive customers, the QM system was expanded in January 2011 as per the requirements of ISO/TS 16949 for the following areas:

  • Deburring and cleaning of castings for cylinder crankcases
  • Blasting of cast and metal parts
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Laser Welding and Filling

Do you have a question regarding the above-mentioned areas? Get in touch! We are glad to be at your disposal at any time with our ideas and concepts and ensure the reliable completion of your orders with us.


Lars Kossack

General Manager